Rugby World Cup Japan National Team scrum front row enthusiasm September 14th 16:48

The Japan National Team, who will face the Rugby World Cup, practiced in Tokyo for the opening game against Russia on the 20th of this month, and the players who supported Scrum in the front row spoke their enthusiasm.

Rugby National Team is camping in Tokyo for the World Cup, which will open on the 20th of this month.

In the practice on the 14th, which was released to the press for only 15 minutes, the players were turning their paths in search of a space without defense.

The oldest team member, 38-year-old Thompson Luke, made adjustments in a separate menu in consideration of fatigue.

After the practice, the players who supported the scrum, which is an important point in the battle with the powerhouse, in the front row responded to the coverage of the press.

Among them, Prop Ai Valasaeri said, “I'm looking forward to working hard and preparing for the tournament. I'll just do it. Russia will fight with a strong physical from the beginning, so we must never lose.” I spoke with enthusiasm.

In the same prop, Keisuke Kizu said, “Because I have no proof that I can participate in the game, it is very important to challenge even after the tournament has started. I want to go. "

In addition, Hooker Takuya Kitade, who made his debut in Japan in a test match with South Africa on the 6th of this month, said, “We have made a lot of scrum against the world's top class. I feel responsible because I think it will be connected. I want to have a solid result. ”