Chiba Tateyama September 15 6:22

In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, where power outages are expected to last for a long time, a simple bed made of cardboard was delivered so that people who were forced to live in shelters could spend as little comfort as possible.

The Nanohana Hall, a refuge in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, delivered a set of 23 cots on the night of the 14th from an NPO in Hiroshima Prefecture specializing in disaster relief at the request of the prefecture.

As of the night of the 14th, 28 people were evacuated to this evacuation center, and NPO staff and others were assembling the beds to make the prolonged evacuation life even more comfortable.

A simple bed can be assembled in just 10 minutes using only cardboard and adhesive tape, and it is strong enough to withstand four adults sitting on the bed together.

According to Mr. Yoshihiro Mizutani of the refuge and refuge life society that devised the bed, if you lie directly on the floor, you will suck in dust and affect the respiratory organs, or you will get swallowed up and go to the toilet fewer times It is easy to adversely affect your health.

Mizutani said, “Cardboard beds are indispensable for prolonged evacuation. I want many people to use it.”

NPO is planning to deliver cardboard beds to the municipalities around Tateyama City while confirming the needs of other shelters.