Takashigekatsu loses 2nd TsuruRyu loses 3 consecutive days Sumo fall place 7th day September 14th 20:26

The Sumo Fall is on the 7th day. Kikeikatsu, who is aiming to return to Ozeki, lost the second to Chiyo Dairyu. Yokozuna Tsuru Ryu loses to Tokaze following the previous place and is defeated three times after four consecutive wins.

Winning or losing after entering the middle.

▽ Toryu won the eastern dragon side by side with the Chiyo-Shoyo of the Twelve Cars.

▽ Toyama, Ishiura has won six consecutive wins from the second day.

▽ Takeshi Osamu Daisho came out on the first day when Daisho was the first to win.

▽ Mt. Tokusu is close to Mt.

▽ Kensho is close to Kensho.

▽ Akio's 6th win is Akio's bad move.

▽ Nipponki won the Sada Sea in the Sada Sea.

▽ Yuki Koto sticks out on Toyonoshima.

▽ Treasure Fuji dropped into Abu Saki.

▽ Koto scholar chrysanthemum is overwhelmed by Koto scholar chrysanthemum.

▽ Mysterious dragon in the sea of ​​Oki is 7 consecutive wins from the first day when the sea of ​​Oki won by hand throwing.

▽ Koto Emitsu pushes into Shimano Sea.

▽ Asanoyama is close to Ryuden.

▽ Oyama won the first day with Hirayama coming out of Hokusatsu Fuji.

▽ Endo is pushed out by A flame.

▽ Kiyokatsu wins over Chiyo Dairyu, Chiyo Dairyu wins over, and Takashige Katsu, who aims to return to Ozeki, is the second to lose after 13th.

▽ Masayo is the 6th victory of Gyokai by pushing out Gyokai.

▽ Ozeki Toei's heart Daiei Sho wins by extruding, and Tokuno's Tochino heart is defeated 5th.

▽ Ozeki to Ontake Goei Road is close to Goei Road.

▽ Yokozuna Toru Kaze won the Tsuru Ryu by squeezing Tomo Kaze.
Tsuru Ryu lost 4 consecutive victories from the first day and then 3 consecutive losses. Tomokaze raised Venus from Tsuru Ryu following the previous place.