Gold Favorite: Frölunda

They have kept most of the players from last year and have been exciting. But they have to get a good back. because I'm not completely sold on their backup set right now.

Biggest question marks: Patrik Berglund and Johan Sundström

It is always very difficult when you have been away due to injuries and other things. Both of them I have warning signs on. But may as well be the best recruits, the potential is really with both. But it can really be both bird and fish.

Jumbo: Oskarshamn

If I can say a tip on the whole series, it is that Oskarshamn will be down there. They broke down and did great last year. Hat off for that. But they have done away with players and have not received the lead needed to win matches in SHL. I'm pretty sure they will come last.

Biggest flop warning: Rögle

They tipped themselves as champions, but I don't believe in them.

Scoring winner: Ryan Lasch

He is extremely good at powerplay, so I have a hard time taking anyone else. He is so skilled, he is on another level in powerplay. He makes over 50 points year after year, so it would be a mistake to tell someone else.

The team that has acquired the most interest: Frölunda

The best thing about them is that they have their frame left after last year's gold, and only that is a feat. Most of them lose and look worse than the year before, but they have made a couple of interesting acquisitions in addition to last year's team.


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