Japan starts with a white star Volleyball Women's World Cup opening September 15 0:09

The Volleyball Women's World Cup opened on the 14th, and Japan won the Dominican Republic with a set count of 3: 1.

The Volleyball Women's World Cup is an international tournament held once every four years. In addition to Japan, which ranks 6th in the world ranking, 12 teams from the world's top Serbia, the Rio de Janeiro Olympic gold medal, China, etc. are approaching next year. It is positioned as a prelude to the Tokyo Olympics.

The tournament started on the 14th, and Japan played against the Dominican Republic, the 10th largest city in Yokohama.

Japan scored points with Rina Koga's back attack and Yuki Ishii's skillful spikes, taking the first set 25:21 and the second set 25:11.

The third set was reversed at the end of the game and lost 24 to 26, but the fourth set was retaken by 25 to 14, and the set count was 3 to 1 and the opening game was decorated with white stars.

The tournament is contested by round 12 rounds of 12 teams and will be held in Sapporo, Osaka and other venues in addition to Yokohama until 29th of this month.