Figure Kihei responded that "power to think" was on September 14 at 15:22

Rika Kihira, a figure skating player, showed a stable performance in the first round of the season in Canada and won the championship. In this first match, Kihira gained a great response from his ability to think.

Kihei played the first jump in the first half of the women's single short program held on the 12th, the triple axel succeeded last season, and continued to lead the performance with no major mistakes.

On the 13th, the second half of the free, Kihei, was unable to jump the triple axel that was incorporated in the performance in the last exercise.

According to Kihira, the ice hardness of the sub-link and the actual link that had been practiced so far was very different, and he couldn't get a good sense of jumping.

How can you decide the triple accelerator in production?

Kihei thought that there was a reason for the center of gravity of the left foot that stepped on the triple accelerator, and decided to step forward with a conscious effort to move the center of gravity slightly forward in the short time until his competition.

As a result, in the performance performance, we succeeded in the first triple accelerator and two consecutive jumps, and the single-triple triple accelerator steadily landed although it was defeated due to insufficient rotation, leading to the victory.

After the free performance, Kihei said that he realized that he had the “thinking power” in addition to the skills he had accumulated since last season.

Kihei who was originally evaluated for his high ability to correct acting.

Through the experience of this tournament, even if there is something that can not be done in the last exercise, I will not be controlled by anxiety as before, but I will calmly see how I can understand the current situation and win the game I think that in the actual performance, I can now perform with confidence.

The coach, Mie Hamada, who is instructing, feels that Kihei has grown mentally, saying that he is no longer intimidated before the match.

In the future, Kihei will be challenged whether to incorporate the four-turn jump, which has been succeeded by young Russian players, into the program.

In the first season of the season, the three-round jump was not stable yet, so we didn't incorporate it into the program to avoid risk.

Kihei who brought a lot of surprises last season of his senior debut will pay attention to what kind of growth this season in the second year.