“Equally worthy of parole”

A few days remain until the moment when the Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin, his younger brother Kirill, as well as the midfielder of Krasnodar Pavel Mamaev will be released on parole. Another defendant in the case - children's coach Alexander Protasovitsky - will remain in the colony.

As brothers Kokorins and Mamaev, he filed a petition for parole in early August. The consideration of the application was postponed until September 24.

According to the secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of Moscow Ivan Melnikov, he was approached by the lawyer of Protasovitsky, who said that information on penalties in respect of her client was sent from the pre-trial detention center to the colony. The lawyer, according to Melnikov, claims that previously nothing was known about these penalties.

“Moreover, according to the documents, one of the acts on the imposition of the penalty and the refusal of Protasovitsky to sign was dated July 11, that is, the day after he left the detention center. All three penalties in question are related to the fact that Alexander allegedly “straightened his sleeping place after lifting”, - quotes Sport Express as the executive secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov.

According to him, the defense side assumes that the complaint about the coach’s behavior was filed with the court at the time of the consideration of the application for parole, it was no coincidence: he was allegedly threatened because of “intransigence” in the detention center.

“I asked the Moscow prosecutor Denis Popov to conduct an audit and take measures if the version of the lawyer that the charges of Protasovitsky could be falsified is confirmed,” Melnikov added.

In accordance with the registration, Protasovitsky is serving his sentence in a colony located in the Bryansk region, while the players and Kokorin Jr. are in the Belgorod region. He was sentenced to one year and five months of imprisonment for participating in fights, and if the application for parole is rejected, he will be released in early November.

The situation around Protasovitsky outraged the famous Russian journalist Vasily Utkin. In his opinion, their popularity played a positive role in the court’s consideration of the applications of Kokorin and Mamaev.

“Colleagues are journalists, we should not pass over this in silence. This is a real mess. The worst thing is not when a celebrity dies bloodyly. This is when in silence, in the thickness of the wall from passers-by, an old woman dies of hunger. Sorry for the parallels. Three go out. There remains one for which the powers that be did not bother. I will not shame them - there’s nowhere to put stigmas there for a long time. But we? ”Utkin wrote in his Telegram channel.

In his opinion, if there were no famous athletes in the company with Protasovitsky, he could get off with a fine.

“Experiencing it”

On September 6, the Alekseyevsky District Court of the Belgorod Region granted the applications of Kokorin and Mamaev for early release. In accordance with the law, they will leave the penal colony on September 17th. Despite the positive end of their story, they also did not forget about Protasovitsky. Immediately after the decision on parole, they called on the media to pay attention to his story, since, in their opinion, this would contribute to the process of his release.

“We worry about him. He sat just like us, did not violate the regime there, nothing. I would like him to be released too, and for the press to control this moment, to light it up. Because we ourselves will learn everything from the media, ”Mamaev said in an interview with the Moscow Says radio station.

Meanwhile, the football world continues to discuss the fate of the striker and midfielder after his release. Most expressed confidence that they will be able to return to their previous level and even strengthen Russian top clubs.

Most likely, Kokorin will soon sign a new contract with Petersburg Zenit. Goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov noted that the striker will not have problems with returning to the team after the scandal.

“Normally we will accept it. I believe that he will return to the previous level. Let’s do this: Alexander committed an offense, received a punishment, drank a cup. Everything, you can forget everything. It is clear that it will be hard. It is clear that there will be a negative in the stadiums. But I think that he will overcome, and we will help as much as we can, ”Fontanka.ru quotes Kerzhakov.

However, there are other options for the development of their professional careers. So, the president of the Yekaterinburg Urals, Grigory Ivanov, expressed his readiness to sign a contract with both players if they accept low salaries.

“If Mamaev and Kokorin want to play in the Urals, we will talk to them. But these are high-level football players. I think they will be in high demand. Both Pavel and Alexander are quality performers. Yes, they have committed an offense. But they were very severely punished. A year without football ... How will they recover? I do not know. But we are ready to see them at our place, ”the functionary assured.