Rugby World Cup Japan ’s Reach captain decides “just leave the result” September 13 21:25

With the opening of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament approaching one week later, a ceremony to encourage the Japanese national team will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, and Captain Reach Michael will make a goal of more than 8 goals, saying that it will only leave results. I showed my determination.

The ceremony began at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on the evening of the 13th, and was attended by Jamie Joseph Head Coach of Japan Rugby and all 31 players.

After the performance of the Japanese drum, the international headquarters, World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont, handed over hats to the representatives of Japan to testify to participate in the tournament.

During the tournament, Governor Koike of Tokyo, one of the campgrounds in Japan, said, “We are really looking forward to your success. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom for the first time in the final tournament and further to win. I sincerely hope for you. ”

And Captain Reach said, “We have a chance to make an impact on 120 million people in front of us and we want to prove that we are strong. Will only leave results, "he has determined to achieve his goal of 8+.

Tanaka “I am excited”

Shiro Tanaka, a scrum half player, said, “I'm thrilled to play the game early because I don't have a lot of tension. I want to win and connect to the next game.Russian has a strong attack and defense, but I don't want to lose there, so I want to play with Bucks. "