Professional baseball Hanshin Messenger to retire from active duty September 14th, 6:03

Randy Messenger, who has been the pitcher for the fifth consecutive year in professional baseball and Hanshin, has retired.

Messenger pitcher is 38 years old. He joined Hanshin from the Major Leaguers Mariners in 2010 and played an active role as a pillar of the starting pitcher team with a quick ball exceeding 150 km.

In 2014, the fifth year since joining the team, he won 13 titles with the most wins and the most strikeouts, and served as the opening pitcher for the fifth consecutive year until this season.

The messenger pitcher has won a double-digit victory in 7 seasons in the 9 years up to last season, and this season in the 10th year was aiming for a total of 100 wins in Japan. After climbing the board, 3 wins and 7 losses, with a defense rate of 4.69, the state did not rise, and the two troops fell in mid-July.

According to the team, the pitcher messenger offered to retire on the 13th, and the team also agreed, so it was decided to retire only for this season.

The messenger pitcher's total record in Japan was 98 wins and 84 losses, not reaching the target of 100 wins.

The retirement interview will be held at a later date.

In addition to this, Hanshin has revealed that Takashi Toritani will leave the team only for this season, and the two players who have supported the team will be missing.