Para swimming world championship Suzuki is personal best update silver medal September 14 7:42

The World Championship of Para Swimming in the UK is held on the 13th day of the tournament on the 5th day of the men ’s 50 meters freestyle motor dysfunction class. Updated to win a silver medal.

In the World Championships of Para Swimming in London, England, the winning Japanese player will be awarded the Tokyo Paralympic representative and will be given a place in Japan if he falls within second place.

On the 13th, the fifth day of the tournament, Suzuki, who has won silver and bronze medals, participated in the 50-meter freestyle motor impairment class for men.

Suzuki has no legs and right hand since he was born, but this season was the top in the world ranking and the qualifying was also top.

In the final, Suzuki won a silver medal by marking 37.56, a personal best of 0 seconds 2 by swimming speed from the start.

Suzuki is the third medal for the tournament, but he was unable to offer a Tokyo Paralympics entry for this event.

The winner was the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, a 150 meter individual medley gold medalist, and New Zealand's Cameron Leslie set a world record of 0 seconds 4 at 37.14.

Takayuki Suzuki is 32 years old from Hamamatsu City. Of the 10 classes of motor dysfunction, this is the fourth most severe class.

From the time I was born, I had no legs and right hand, and my left hand had a disability.

The Paralympic Games participated in four consecutive tournaments from the Athens tournament in the third year of high school, and won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Tournament for a 50-meter breaststroke.

At the Rio de Janeiro tournament, I missed the medal and thought of retirement, but after analyzing the race footage, I decided to aim for the Tokyo tournament as “I can still evolve”.

Last year, the change in international rules changed to a class with more obstacles and jumped to the world's top class.

Suzuki has been using the overseas training system of his workplace as a training base in Newcastle, UK since 2013, and he has been strengthening and studying sports management by going on to graduate school.

In the UK, he worked on strengthening the turn and training the core under the coach of a Paralympic gold medalist. In last year's Asia Para tournament, he won five gold medals in history.

In the world championships, gold medals in multiple events are expected, and the Tokyo Paralympics are aiming for the first gold medals in three competitions.

Suzuki "I'm frustrated even though I was aiming for money"

Takayuki Suzuki, who renewed his personal best and won a silver medal, said, "I'm glad that I could give my best, but I thought it was possible to aim for a gold medal. I want to do my best so that I can do my best in the second event. "