Strategies of Tenmaya Taketake Yutaka Takeshi MGC ... 12:57 on September 13

Tokyo Olympic marathon representative selection race MGC (= Marathon Grand Championship). The leaders who support the players are going to have their own strategies for a one-shot race. We will approach the strategy of Tenmaya director Yutaka Takeshi, the business team that has produced women's Olympic athletes for the last four consecutive tournaments.

The game goes to “before” the last slope

“I think that there are many people who think that it will be a game on the last climb, but I think that the game is decided at that point.”

The 65-year-old Tenmaya director Yutaka Takeshi told us part of this strategy. 30 years of teaching experience, we have a track record of sending athletes to the Olympic Games for 4 consecutive times.

MGC is performed on almost the same course as the Tokyo Olympics. Many players and officials point to the uphill starting from 35km late, especially the steepest hill over 40km, but Taketomi says that the game will be decided before that hill. It is.

From Tenmaya, MGC will challenge with two different types of players, Honma Maeda and Atsushi Ohara.

The race to launch

23-year-old Maeda is good at racing at a fast pace from the first half.

In July, I practiced running 30 km at a training camp in Hokkaido.
With the signal from Director Takeshi “I want to be at my own pace”, I speeded up at a stretch and pulled away Ohara who runs with him.

I think that this device is effective in shaking powerful players such as Mizuo Matsuda and Ayuko Suzuki who envision a spurt game.

Mr. Maeda talks about his enthusiasm for MGC, "I hope I can do the race I want without being influenced by the rhythm of the person."

Can you go about the mechanism?

On the other hand, 29-year-old Ohara is a player who will compete in the second half.
Director Wuhan spoke to Ohara, who sometimes raced away in the first half.

If Maeda is able to keep up with him, he will be able to get ahead of the leading players such as Matsuda and Suzuki before reaching the final stage. It is another strategy of Director Wuhan to see the chance to win.

However, during the training camp, Ohara was unable to show the courage to follow.

Director Takeshi urged him with a strong tone, saying, “There are times when I feel a part of tension falling from practice. I have to desperately think about taking MGC.”

Mr. Ohara said, “There are many players who have a track record, so if you want to win there, you have to have some courage. I want to know when I think I can go well.”

Will you replace the lead role?

Director Takeshi, who has born Olympic athletes one after another by precise strategy and human grasp, thinks that Maeda and Ohara have enough chances to replace the leading role if they each run as envisioned .

“It ’s more about what you have than to decide what kind of race you ’d like to race and think about people. If you can demonstrate your abilities, the results will come naturally.”

"One-shot game" MGC. Women's race starts at 9:10 am on the 15th.