Proposal for requesting fundamental improvement measures for statistical fraud “Monthly Labor Survey” September 13 14:33

A third-party organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that is considering measures to prevent recurrence in response to a series of statistical fraud issues by the government has fundamentally reviewed the complicated work of the “Monthly Labor Survey” that started the problem. Of proposals for specific improvement measures.

The subcommittee, which was established under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Committee in response to a series of government statistics fraud issues, compiled a proposal that included measures to prevent recurrence at the 13th meeting.

Regarding the “Monthly Labor Survey” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which caused the problem in the proposal, as a result of the complicated survey and tabulation methods, it is difficult for employees to understand the work other than those in charge, and internal checks are difficult to check. He pointed out that fundamental improvement measures are necessary.

Specifically, many of the staff in charge are required to review the contents of the work and improve the system so that the entire work can be understood, and the survey and aggregation methods should be disclosed in detail so that external third parties can check. It is said.

The attendees expressed their opinion that “Ministry of Health and Labor other than the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare would like to take measures as another mountain stone”.

Formally compiled the recommendations to prospect a month in the statistics committee, it is to be submitted to Takaichi Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.