The power outage “good” cheers up Chiba City elderly facilities September 13 18:02

Due to the power outage caused by Typhoon No. 15 and the intense heat, the power outage was canceled on the 13th at the special nursing home in Chiba City, where some people were transported by ambulance, and the staff and residents were relieved. .

Electricity was finally restored at around 11:15 am on the 13th day of the fifth day after the blackout started in the special nursing home for the elderly in Wakaba Ward, Chiba City.

At the moment when the lights were turned on, the staff screamed “good”.

About 100 people from 63 years old to 103 years old entered the facility, but on the 10th when the power outage continued, two women in their 80s got high fever and were urgently suspected of heat stroke. It was transported.

The facility used a private power generator to gather residents in a cafeteria with air conditioning, and used drinks and cooling pillows chilled in a cooler box to take measures against heat stroke. Twenty people were sick and complained of symptoms such as fever and dehydration.

Mr. Tomomi Hijikata, the chief of “Karashina Home,” said, “It was a fight against the heat because the inside of the building was full of heat and the residents lost their appetite. The power outage lasted for a long time. But it ’s safe to use electricity. ”

The 94-year-old resident said, “It was very hard because the toilet water didn't flow or I couldn't take a bath. I was happy to have electricity.”