Marathon national team selection race 1 boy and 2 girls missed September 13 15:37

On the 15th in the Tokyo Olympic marathon representative selection race, MGC = Marathon Grand Championship, the boys Kazushiki Isshiki, women's Kane Sekine and Ayato Maeda will both miss due to injury. became.

This was announced in the afternoon of the 13th by the Japan Athletics Federation at the press conference of the participating players.

As for the reason for the absence, Isshiki said, “I worked on the race after the failure, but I decided to see the final adjustment.”

In addition, Sekine was missed due to a fatigue fracture of the 2nd metatarsal bone of the right foot, and Ayato Maeda was injured due to injury of the right biceps femoris and each injury.

This means that 30 men ’s races and 10 women ’s races will be held.