Giant wins over Hiroshima and wins Magic “6” on September 13 at 23:56

Three games of professional baseball were played, and the giant who was the first in the Se League won the magic number "6" to win Hiroshima.

Se League

Giant vs. Hiroshima, the giant won 5: 1.

The giants preempted once with Okamoto's timely in the first round, and in the fourth round, they added additional points in the timely manner of the veteran Abe.

The starting pitcher, Yamaguchi, scored 14 points in the middle of the eighth round, scoring one goal and taking 10 strikeouts to become the league's top player.

The magic number for winning the giant decreased by one to “6”.

Sino-Japan vs. Hanshin won by 7: 1.

Hanshin scored 4 points first in Fukudome, No. 9 Three Run, etc. 3 times, and in the 6th time, the starting West pitcher hit a timely two base and gave additional points.

Nishi pitcher held 7 times and scored 8th. On Sino-Japan, Yanagi pitcher was hit 5 times with 5 runs.

Pacific League

Seibu vs. Lotte won Seibu 6: 1.

Seibu preempted Nakamura's timely to base once, added 3 points for Mori and Tosaki's timely to 3 times, and then dropped to Akiyama's No. 20 Touran for 6 times.

The starting rookie, Matsumoto pitcher, held his 7th in the longest with 2 hits without losing points.

Seibu won the tournament and approached the leading Softbank, which had no match on the 13th, without any game difference.

Lotte's winning streak stops at “3”.