Focus on strengthening cooperation to acquire 30 Tokyo Olympic gold medals Chairman JOC Yamashita September 13 14:48

In the meeting that gathered the person in charge of strengthening each competition at the Tokyo Olympics, Chairman Yasuhiro Yamashita of JOC = Japan Olympic Committee thought to focus on strengthening the cooperation of the sports world in order to acquire the target 30 gold medals Showed.

In June last year, when Chairman Yamashita served as the player strengthening headquarters for JOC, he set the goal of “30 gold medals” by taking full advantage of the host country. In rhythmic gymnastics and swimming, there are some ace-class athletes who are in trouble, and there are some voices that threaten achievement.

Under such circumstances, the JOC held a coach meeting in Tokyo on the 13th to discuss the strengthening policy for the Tokyo Games.

Specifically, based on the results of international competitions held by this fall, we interviewed competition organizations to clarify current issues, and strengthened cooperation with the Sports Agency and JSC = Japan Sports Promotion Center We are going to move forward.

It was also revealed that the company has begun to develop a medium- to long-term plan for strengthening players to connect the achievements after the competition.

Mr. Yamashita said, “We fully recognize that it is necessary to create an environment where leaders can concentrate on instruction and training. Explain the situation on the ground as carefully as possible, and make every effort to be understood by the Sports Agency and JSC. I want to go. "