Day 6 of the sumo wrestling place

The Sumo Fall is on the sixth day. Kikeikatsu, who aims to return to Ozeki, lost to Endo and enjoyed his first black star.

Winning or losing after entering the middle.

▽ Toyo won the victory of Toyoyama, and Takashi won by pushing.

▽ Ishiura on Tochigiyama wins by being beaten up, and it is five consecutive wins from the second day.

▽ Kyogenji is close to Toyoshima.

▽ East dragon in Nishiki, Nishiki comes out.

▽ Sensho is pushed by Kensho.

▽ Abu Saki is overwhelmed by Asho Saki.

▽ Flame over the flames won the fireflies extrude.

▽ Teruhiro pushed out to the sea of ​​Sada.

▽ Akiyo dropped into Yuki Koto.

▽ The treasure Fuji has dropped the Koto Shogiku into the treasure Fuji.

▽ Shimano Sea in the Sea of ​​Oki The Sea of ​​Oki has won six consecutive wins from the first day of the first day when the sea of ​​Oki has won by pushing.

▽ Myogi dragon is invaded by Chiyo Dairyu.

▽ Ryden Kotomitsu wins Ryuden's brave foot and Kotoe Mitsugi won.

▽ Tomokaze Masayo, Tomokaze is enthusiastic.

▽ A flame was taken over by A flame.

▽ On the Sea of ​​the Sea, the Ontake Sea wins over Kita-Sachi Fuji and wins five consecutive victories after the first day Black Star.

▽ Endo won the scenic spot.
Kikkatsu, who aims to return to Ozeki with more than 10 wins, has landed on the 6th day.

▽ Ozeki Asanoyama won the Toei prosperous road, and Asanoyama won well.
Asanoyama now broke 1 Yokozuna 2 Ozeki.

▽ Ozeki to onion Tochinoshin is pushed out by onion.
Kakuban Tochinoshin, who fell from Ozeki when he lost, lost 2 wins and 4 losses.

▽ Yokozuna to Daiei Sho Tsuru Ryu was the first Venus to win by extruding Daiei Sho.
Tsuru Ryu lost to 2 consecutive losses on the 12th.