Bringing “Kikku Nichiban” Supporting the Opinion of the Organizing Committee

Tokyo ’s Governor Koike ’s Governor of Tokyo does not expect the prohibition of bringing in the flag of South Korea ’s ban on bringing the “Sunday Flag” to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games venues. He expressed his thoughts in support of the organizing committee's view.

South Korea ’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that it would be “a political symbol reminiscent of historical wounds and distress” about bringing “Kikku Nichiban” to the competition venue at next year ’s Tokyo Games. We ask the Olympic Committee and IPC = International Paralympic Committee to ban.

On the other hand, the Japan Organizing Committee has expressed the view that it is not supposed to be banned.

Regarding this, Governor Koike, Tokyo, said at a press conference on the 13th: “Since Korea is thinking of a problem, IOC has already talked about a case-by-case response, and the tournament organizing committee admits. ”And expressed his support for Japan ’s view of the Organizing Committee's view that no ban on the introduction of flags was expected.