Clijsters, a Belgian radar couple with Justine Henin, laid off for the first time in 2007 at just 23 years old. Injuries were a big part of that decision.

She then made a comeback just over two years later and won the US Open in 2009. She then went on to 2012 when she quit again.

In the meantime, she has become the mother of three children but began to feel the urge for tennis again.

"Want to feel strong again"

- I don't feel that I need to prove anything, but I need a challenge and I want to feel strong again. We'll see if it works, if my body agrees to play tennis at the level I'm happy with. That's what I think and I want to see if it's possible, says Clijsters according to AP.

Without rankings, Clijsters can apply for wildcards for the tournaments.