In an interview with DN, Sarah Sjöström explains, among other things, how she thinks about publications in social media. There may be too much focus on the body which can lead to weight gain. Earlier this year, for example, the Norwegian Ski Federation invited its elite skiers to think about just that. For DN, Sarah Sjöström tells how she thinks about this.

- The problem when you are a swimmer is that we only have swimsuits on when we train and compete. Therefore, it may become a focus on the body even if it is not intended. So what I'm trying to think about is that I want to show a strong body rather than, well what to call it, maybe a beautiful body.

- As an athlete, my body is my tool, and when it looks in a way that makes me feel strong and can swim fast, I'm happy with it.

Sarah is also sure to show in her "Instastories" how important food is - and then we talk about a lot of food.

- I think I eat lots, but just the other day I sent a picture of my lunch to our dietician and immediately received a reply that there was too little carbohydrates on the plate.

Sarah continues with a smile:

- The amount of carbohydrates that we elite athletes need to get is huge.

- But if you can work out as much as I do, it is necessary. You have to replenish with energy. I would like that all the young people really take care.