Rugby World Cup Georgia representative open practice Tokushima Naruto September 12 19:22


In front of the Japan Rugby World Cup opening on the 20th of this month, the Georgia national team conducting a pre-camp in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture conducted a public practice.

The Georgia representative has been conducting a pre-camp from this week's ballpark in Naruto city, and on the 12th, the state of practice was made public to the public for the first time.

Players warmed up after arriving at the ballpark by bus, and practiced the ball-based pass practice and scrum practice focusing on the world-leading forward.

There were about 250 fans packed into the stadium to see first-class players' play, and enjoyed intense collisions and splendid passes.

A man from Tokushima City said, “I thought that I had a world class class and I had a good body. I want you to do my best in the World Cup”.

Beka Gorgaze (23) said, “The training environment, including the facilities and ground conditions provided by Tokushima, is the best. I want to go to see the World Cup and cheer for Japanese people. "

Georgia's public practice will also take place on the 13th and Sunday.