Paralympic medal design IPC President "No problem at all" September 12, 17:50

IPC = Parsons President of the International Paralympic Committee said the Korean Paralympic Committee requested that the design of the Tokyo Paralympic medals be similar to the flag called the “Kokukichi flag” and that the design be reviewed. Clearly, President Parsons expressed the view that “the design is perfectly fine.

This was revealed to the press after attending a conference with the national and regional teams scheduled to participate in the Tokyo Paralympics held by the IPC President Parsons in Tokyo until December 12.

According to Parsons, the Korean Paralympic Committee asked the Organizing Committee that the design of the Tokyo Paralympic medal was similar to a flag called “Kokukichi flag” at the meeting on the 12th, and that the design should be reviewed. It is that.

Parsons said, “Medals at the Tokyo Games have a beautiful design with a Japanese fan motif. There is no problem at all. IPC thinks it is not necessary to review the design.”

Parsons also announced that he received a letter from the Korean side on November 11 requesting that the flag called “Kikku Nichiban” be prohibited from being brought to the Paralympic Games venue.

Parsons said, “This is a political issue. I do not intend to confuse politics with sports. The IPC has no specific rules prohibiting the introduction of flags.”

The IOC is banned by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as “a political symbol reminiscent of historical wounds and distress” regarding the “Kikku Nippa”, which is brought to the Tokyo Olympic Games competition venue. = IOC asks the International Olympic Committee that the venue should not be a place for any political claims.