MGC Prospects Melee Women Watch Two Speed ​​Runners September 12th 13:25

Tokyo Olympic marathon representative selection race MGC (= Marathon Grand Championship). NHK's navigator Akemi Masuda is a girl who is expected to be in a great battle, and two speed runners, Ayuko Suzuki and Mizuo Matsuda, are the favorite.

Truck rivals

27-year-old Suzuki and 24-year-old Matsuda are rivals that have been fighting for the championship at 10,000 meters of the Japanese championship as the queen of the track for the past four years. The competition results for two players are 2 wins and 2 losses.

After winning the championship in 2016, Suzuki won the second place for the third consecutive year from 2017, and Matsuda has won the championship since 2017.

In this MGC, two people representing Japanese track events will face the first marathon.

Ayuko Suzuki swears Rio ’s humiliation

Suzuki has pledged four years of humiliation at the Tokyo Olympics.
Although he was selected as the representative of the track event at the last Rio de Janeiro tournament, his feelings were ahead and he had a fatigue fracture due to the last overwork. I couldn't use my power on the dream stage and shed tears.

Suzuki is vowed to insult, “I don't want to think that way, and I want to revenge that regrettable feeling in Rio.”

Since turning to the marathon last year, Suzuki has focused on dialogue with his body.
During a training camp in Hokkaido in July, he said, “I just do things so I don't regret every day” while receiving a foot massage.

Suzuki is a gem that director Yoshio Koide, who died in April, recognized that he can win a medal. I'm trying to get to the start line while facing my limits.

Suzuki says, “If you can run well and finish, you will surely lead to the Tokyo Olympics, so I want to do that kind of race,” he says.

“Queen Abs” Mizuo Matsuda

Matsuda was born in Osaka, raised in Osaka, and a bright character. The pronoun is abs. It is a wonderful six pack and is called “Queen Abs” in the land.

About 10 types of abdominal muscle training is performed 1500 times a day, and as for the commitment to the abdominal muscles, "I know how much abdominal muscles are completed and how much I can run". The trained abdominal muscles are connected to the largest spurt. The form is stable and you can continue a strong run to the end.

At high altitude training in the United States at an altitude of 2000 meters or more, which was conducted just before MGC, we practiced harsh practices such as 40 km running and refined our “spart power”.

Matsuda said his aspiration, “I want to do a bullish race that will be an impetus for the Tokyo Olympics, which is my goal and a dream.

To the next year's Tokyo Olympics at the top

Akemi Masuda, the NHK navigator, has absolute confidence in the speed and sees the race going around two strong players in the second half.

In MGC, the top two people are automatically selected as representatives. Will the two rivals grab the ticket properly, or will the Ambush appear? Keep an eye on the one-game MGC.