Barcelona star Lionel Messi has revealed more details about his relationship with his traditional Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo. "He is not his friend," he said, adding that "his friends are the ones who play alongside him in one team.

But he stressed that he had spoken to him at the most recent EU awards ceremony in the Principality of Monaco more than on any previous occasion. "I would accept his invitation to dinner," he said.

Ronaldo has already praised Messi, saying that what they have done in the past 10 years is incredible and confirms the excellence of each player, and that he may invite dinner to meet with Lionel Messi, so as to assure the world that there is no hostility between them.

Messi, in turn, touched on the most important issue that has preoccupied public opinion in Barcelona in the recent period related to the Brazilian star Neymar's unfinished deal, to continue with his team Saint Germain, and postponed the dream of his return and meet again with Messi in one team. `` A lot of things have been said about Neymar's return but we didn't know much, '' said Messi. `` From a sporting point of view I wanted him back because he is one of the best players in the world, and his presence in Barcelona could have secured us many titles.

He denied that he was imposing his opinion on the management of the club or that he was the one who pressed for Barcelona's move to return at any cost.He said: `` I am not the one who manages such things. They take care of these things, and I don't impose my opinion on them.

"The truth is that I can say that we have not done everything necessary for the success of the Neymar return deal.

Messi also said that he did not have time to know more about his new team mate, French Antoine Griezmann, especially since he did not train much with the team, and did not participate in any official game in the new season, and stressed that the time is still available to know more in the near future.

It is noteworthy that Barcelona will receive Valencia, who sacked his coach the day before yesterday, Marcelino, and the Catalan seeks in the meeting at home (Camp Nou) tomorrow, to win after the faltering at the beginning of the season, so as not to continue bleeding points more.

He is expected to miss the match because of the continued injury in the right leg, but the Catalan will benefit from the return of Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

- Injury will deprive Lionel Messi of a difficult game against

Valencia at Camp Nou tomorrow.