Figure skating Rika Kihira final adjustment to the first game of the season September 12th 11:17

Rika Kihira, a figure skating player, made final adjustments locally on the 11th before his first season of the season in Canada, and repeatedly confirmed the sense of jumping, including the rich triple accelerator.

17-year-old Kihei won the Grand Prix Final in the season of senior debut as the first Japanese player in 13 years since Mao Asada last season.

This season, we plan to participate in the NHK Cup in Sapporo, the second round of the Grand Prix series in October, the Canadian Games and the sixth round in November.

Kihei participated in "Autumn Classic" held in Oakville, Canada as the first game prior to the Grand Prix series, and on the 11th, the final adjustment was made at the competition venue link.

After confirming the sensation with a less difficult jump, Kihei decided to complete the triple axel and three-turn continuous jump, etc. by practicing the songs of the short program.

On the other hand, the four-turn Sarco, who was working in the off-season and considering incorporating it into a free performance, did not jump.

Kihei said, “I've been able to jump more stably than I did last season. I want to make it a game that will give me confidence in the Grand Prix series.”

As for the 4-turn Sarko, he said, “The 3-turn Sarko has not yet jumped with a good feel, so you have to finish it first.”

The tournament will be held from the 12th to the 14th, and the male boy Yuzuru Hanyu will also participate.