Day 6 of Sumo Fall, 5 consecutive victories with Scenic Endo September 13, 4:02

The sumo fall place is on the 6th day, Takashi Sekiwaki, who aims to return to Ozeki, will finish the first round with five consecutive wins, and will face Endo Koi on the 13th.

Sekiwaki Takashige finished his first round in a form that was no more than 5 consecutive wins with a powerful sumo wrestling.

On the 13th day of the 6th day, which will be the middle game, will play against Endo who has returned to Koi.

The past competition record is 2 wins and 1 loss of Kikkei, and you have won both of these 2 matches of the year.

The ideal is a sumo that is a good match for Endo, who is good at sumo.

On the other hand, Yokozuna Tsuru Ryu, who was defeated by Asanoyama on the 12th day and enjoyed his first black star, will face the third frontal Daiei Sho.

In the past four battles, Tsuru Ryu has won, but Daiei Sho has been established at the top of the shogun recently, and the horsepower from the side has increased.

Tsuru Ryu is definitely superior if it takes steps from the beginning and turns it around, but if it is unfolded to shoot Yokozuna by expelling Daiei Sho, the game will not be understood.

The second frontal Asanoyama, who won Venus and won the first Venus, played against Ozeki Goei, and Asanoyama won the two most recent locations.

With four on the right, if you pull your upper left hand, Asanoyama will be in the shape of a gorgeous road, and it will likely hold the key to making a dominant position.