“The Asahi flag is not a political issue,” the Tokyo Olympics and Para Organizing Committee view on September 12, 22:18

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organization called for the prohibition of South Korea to ban the IOC = International Olympic Committee and IPC = International Paralympic Committee from bringing them to the competition venue over the flag called “Asahi Flag” The committee stated, “Because it is widely used in the country for support and celebrations, it is not a political issue to use a flag,” stating that it is not supposed to be banned. It was.

South Korea ’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Tourism said on the 11th that IOC and IPC would bring the “Asahi flag” to Olympic and Paralympic competition venues, “it is a political symbol reminiscent of historical wounds and pain” It became clear that he was sending a letter asking him to ban it.

Vice Secretary General Yukihiko Numura of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee responded to the reporter's interview on the evening of the 12th, “The Asahi flag is widely used in Japan for support and celebrations, so it is political to use it. "It's not a problem," he said.

Vice Secretary-General Numura also mentioned that the design of the Tokyo Paralympic medals was requested by the Korean Paralympic Committee to rethink the design, resembling the “Asahihi flag”. It was designed as a motif, and the Korean side did not point out at all, ”he said. In a meeting with the Korean Paralympic Committee held in the afternoon of the 12th, it was revealed that he claimed the same view.