In the career of the 28-year-old midfielder of the Russian national team Denis Cheryshev, changes are not ruled out. Experts and fans attribute this to unexpected castling on the coaching bridge in Valencia. The day before, the head of the Spanish team since 2017, Marcelino Toral resigned.

The 54-year-old mentor has long been familiar with Cheryshev, worked with him at Villarreal and was actively involved in the player’s transition to Valencia. This summer, the specialist made every effort to ensure that the club nevertheless signed a full-fledged contract with the Russian. And this despite the serious injury, because of which Denis missed most of the summer training.

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Míster, nunca tendré palabras suficientes para agradecerte todo lo que has hecho por mi. Nos has hecho Campeón de Copa, hemos jugado la Champions y hemos superado infinidad de dificultades todos juntos. Deseo y espero que te vaya muy bien en el futuro, aunque no tengo ninguna duda de que así será. Te agradezco tu confianza pese a los días malos y lesiones. Mucha fuerza para estos momentos. 💪

Posted by Denis Cheryshev (@ cheryshev90) Sep 11, 2019 at 11:29 am PDT

According to Spanish media reports, the club management decided to terminate the contract with him largely because of the coach’s interference in managing sports affairs. The initiator of the termination of labor relations was personally the president of Valencia, Peter Lim.

There were no other complaints about the work of the 54-year-old specialist. While working with the team, he brought Valencia to the Champions League, and last season the team won the Spanish Cup, winning the final match of Barcelona.

For Cheryshev himself, the departure of the coach was a difficult emotional test. The midfielder decided not to hide his attitude to what was happening and dedicated Marcelino a touching post on Instagram.

“Mr., I will never have enough words to thank you for everything that you did for me. You won the Spanish Cup, we played in the Champions League and together we have overcome countless difficulties. I wish and hope that everything will be fine in the future, although I have no doubt that it will be so. I appreciate the trust that you showed me, despite the injuries and the "dark days", - wrote Cheryshev.

The leadership of “Valencia” did not begin to keep the intrigue for a long time and a few hours after the announcement of the resignation, Marcelino announced the name of the new mentor - he was Albert Selades.

The 43-year-old specialist has no experience working with the grandees of European football and the practice of self-management of adults and established players. Selades was a member of the coaching staff of the Spanish national team at the 2018 World Cup, but is known at home as a coach of youth teams.

“One must consider any option to stay in Europe”

In connection with the rearrangement on the coaching bridge, Russian experts carefully make forecasts regarding Cheryshev’s future at Valencia. The 28-year-old midfielder still hasn't gotten his optimal shape. In the last three rounds of the Examples, he only twice replaced, without recording any productive actions in his asset.

Ex-striker of “Celta” and “Alaves” Alexander Mostovoy does not exclude the possibility that Cheryshev may lose his place in the first team.

“Denis has a very serious competition, while it is difficult to say that he will be at the core. But the season is long, he is insured by the contract, so that with a successful set of circumstances will get his chance. Suddenly, one of his partners will be injured. What to expect from Selades as a coach? I don’t understand yet. Surprised by the appointment, because I know it firsthand, since we played together. He’s a good, modest guy, but he has always been a stable stock player, ”the expert said in an interview with RT.

Mostovoy is sure Cheryshev is unlikely to want to leave Example and move to the RPL, despite the next difficulties.

“Denis is no stranger; he has been to different situations. He has a difficult football fate and the fact that Cheryshev did not give up and did not leave for Russia makes him respect. Yes, he can decide and become the main star, get a lot of money and smoke bamboo here. But he endures, gnaws his place, is not exchanged for money. Perhaps he will one day decide on this, but not earlier than the moment when he turns 33 years old. Do not wait, ”Mostovoy stressed.

The fact that Cheryshev is not interested in pursuing a career in Russia is also convinced by another domestic football player who has experience of playing in Europe. Ex-Tottenham forward striker Roman Pavlyuchenko in an interview with RT urged Denis to continue to fight for a place in the starting lineup and not exchange the years spent in the Example for a guaranteed place at the base and star status in the RPL.

“Don't even think about it! My main mistake in my career was just returning to Russia. I am sure that he, by definition, should not have this desire. Yes, it does not add up, but football in Europe does not compare with what is in the RPL. Let not Valencia, but another club - you need to consider any option to stay there, ”the forward explained.

At the same time, Pavlyuchenko noted that he did not consider Cheryshev an age-old player. In December, the athlete will turn 29 years old, but Roman is sure that the mundial hero is still able to add in class and skill.

“Yes, while he frankly fails matches. This we, for example, saw in a meeting with Kazakhstan. But to agree with those who claim that his best years are already behind is stupid. At this age, I just moved to England. This is the dawn. Denis didn’t even reach his peak, he did only half the way, ”Pavlyuchenko explained.