Gareth Southgate has mixed feelings about Tuesday's European Championship qualifying match with Kosovo. The English coach saw his team win 5-3 in an attractive game.

The Kosovars took the lead in Southampton within a minute, but at half time it was already 5-1. In the second half, Harry Kane missed a penalty and Kosovo scored twice.

"It was bizarre. We had excellent and bad moments. After the bad start, we remained calm and corrected our mistakes," said Southgate at Sky Sports .

"Of course the match was decided at halftime, but that caused a different atmosphere in the stadium and the opponent had nothing more to lose. They went for it and we can only blame ourselves for that."

Southgate hopes that the mistakes his players made will no longer occur. "They were purely individual errors. I don't think there is anything structurally wrong with us."

Harry Kane took care of the equalizer, but also missed a penalty. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"Fortunately no longer got into trouble"

After Kosovo's 5-2 and 5-3, striker Kane was given the opportunity to end all uncertainty from a penalty kick, but he saw his effort turned.

"After the 5-3, we got more ball possession and it got a bit quieter, and the penalty was the chance to really decide," said Southgate. "Unfortunately that didn't happen, but luckily we didn't get in trouble anymore."

England is fast on its way to qualifying for next year's European Championship. 'The Three Lions' won the first four matches in group A and are at the top. Only the Czech Republic and Kosovo can follow somewhat.

The next pool duels are on 11 and 14 October, when the English visit the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

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