In South Korea, Simon Sjödin did not succeed. It became a 35th place in 100 meters butterfly and at 200 meters Medley he disappeared in the trials.

But despite the gloomy World Cup sortin, the 32-year-old has not given up on the pool.

- I made a decision last week. It will be a bet against the Tokyo Olympics, but only the long-distance European Championships in May, says Sjödin to SVT Sport.

The long-distance World Cup is in Budapest in May 2020. It will also be Sjödin's last chance to qualify for the Olympics. If he fails there, then just the European Championship is his last race.

- I was in Budapest already in 2006 so if I don't make it to the Olympics this will be an opportunity for me to tie the bag together, says Sjödin.

Changed training program

For the last venture Sjödin has changed the training. There will be more rest and less swimming.

- I will practice less swimming. There will be more strength training and more recovery. I'm looking for the feeling in the water. Last season I had a good feeling even though the end was not good, concludes Sjödin.