Pro Baseball Month MVP Seibu no Mori Tomoya catcher won the first prize September 11 16:48

The August baseball MVP of professional baseball was announced, and Seibu's catcher, Tomoya Mori, won the first prize in the professional league in the 6th year.

In August, Ms. Mori scored 30% 7: 7 batting average, 10 home runs, 30 hits, and was the top in each category of home runs and hits, as well as scores, batting points, and long batting averages.

Throughout the season, the batting average of 30/3/3/9 is currently the top of the league, and if it becomes the top batter in the catcher, Katsuya Nomura in 1965, Shinya Furuta in 1991, and the giant Abe in 2012 This is the fourth achievement since Shinnosuke.

The Pacific League pitcher division is Rakuten's successor and Busenitz pitcher is the first to receive the first award in Japan for 11th place in the league.

On the other hand, Ryoma Nishikawa from Hiroshima won the award for the first time in the fourth year of the professional team.

In August, Nishikawa played first in every game and hit 42 hits on the league record at the top of the league.

In addition, the team scored as the lead offman with the top score, the batting average of 30%, 6/5, and the output rate of 4th in the league.

Also, in the pitcher category, Yakult Buchanan pitchers all scored the top three league wins and a defense rate of 1.64.

Mori Seibu "I wanted to take it once in my professional baseball life"

Tomoya Seibu, who won the monthly MVP for the first time in the 6th year of professionalism, said with a smile, “I was happy that I wanted to take it once in my professional baseball life.”

He said that the reason for the strong batting in August was “not only in August, but always in the batting order thinking that it will always be in good shape for the next batter this season”.

Also, the number of home runs was 10 in August only, and 21 so far throughout the season, surpassing his record. “There is almost no aim for a home run in the game, and if the extension of the hit becomes a home run, “I want to continue to do my best, but the batting average is the most important, and I want to continue to do my best.” I want to win the league for the second consecutive year. ”

Rakuten Busenitz Pitcher "I'm happy with honor"

Rakuten's Alain Busenitz, the first monthly MVP in Japan for the first year in Japan, said, “I am glad to be honored and thankful. Especially in August, I was helped by the good defense of the fielders.” I added a word of thanks.

After that, he said, “It is important to win the game in front of you, so we want to win one game at a time,” and we were looking ahead to the team's first climax series in two years.

Hiroshima Nishikawa “I feel like I've hit many times when I look at the results”

Hiroshima's Nishikawa Ryoma is the first monthly MVP in his fourth year.

Nishikawa said, “I really wondered if I could win. I didn't have the impression that I had hit it, but when I looked at the results again, I realized that I had repeated hits,” recalled with a smile.

On top of that, he talked about the number one batting order: “We are thinking about going to the trap as a top priority. We are not at all trying to do difficult things but are aware of what we can do.”

For the future, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying that “there are few games left so we want to do our best to win all of them”.

Yakult Buchanan pitcher “Teammates play devoted”

Yakult Buchanan, who won the first MVP for the first time, said, “I am very happy to win the prestigious award. I am very grateful because I cannot think of this award without the dedication of teammates. I would like to express my gratitude to my wife and son who give me a lot of power every day.