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He is being treated in Paris and is conscious: what is known about the condition of Michael Schumacher


Seven-time world champion in Formula 1 racing Michael Schumacher is in the Paris clinic named after Georges Pomid, French media reported. According to hospital staff, the legendary pilot is conscious. The former racer was brought secretly to France from Switzerland - the Schumacher family still does not provide fans and journalists with accurate data on his health condition.

Michael Schumacher is conscious. It is reported by Le Parisien.

Parisian reporters claim that they were informed of the status of the titled rider by the staff of the Paris clinic named after Georges Pompidou, where, according to the newspaper, for several days there has been a legendary rider in the past.

Journalists do not name the names of medical staff who spoke about this. They only refer to overheard dialogues between nurses and trainees who actively discussed the health status of a well-known patient in one of the wards of the institution.

“Yes, it’s being treated with me. And I definitely say that he is conscious, ”Le Parisien quotes one of the hospital staff members.

Reporters are on duty at the clinic’s emergency room almost around the clock, however, no photos or video frames that Schumacher fans have been waiting for several years have yet appeared on the network.

The only confirmation of the possible presence of Schumacher in the clinic was the visit of the president of the FIA ​​and the former manager of the German pilot Jean Todt. He stayed in the building for about 40 minutes and left it, keeping silence.

The son of seven-time world champion Mick, who, by a tragic coincidence, these days also was in Paris at the funeral of the Formula 2 driver Antoine Hubert, also declines to comment.

“Millions of people want to know what's wrong with him.”

It is not known exactly what treatment Schumacher will receive in Paris. However, the French media claim that the working group was led by a well-known professor, cardiac surgeon Philippe Menache. The specialist has become famous in medical circles for actively studying and introducing innovative methods using stem cells.

So, in 2000, Menashe was one of the first to offer muscle cell transplantation in the heart, and later focused on developing and creating innovative cocktails that will allow patients to receive stem cells not through complicated surgical operations, but through special injections.

At the same time, it is reported that a year ago Schumacher had already visited this clinic twice, but the third visit had to be shifted from July 2018 to September 2019 due to the poor health of the rider.

This time, Schumacher was taken to a Paris clinic on the night of Sunday to Monday. Such an unusual time for planned hospitalization was not chosen by chance - Schumacher's wife Corrin has been protecting her husband from media attention for several years and hiding him from prying eyes. This behavior of the family of the injured legend of world sports has already caused outrage among colleagues and friends of Schumacher.

In particular, the ex-CEO of Mercedes Nick Fry criticized the behavior of the family of the rider and called for removing the veil of secrecy from his condition.

“Millions of people around the world are sincerely worried and want to know what's wrong with him. His family equipped a special room in the house where professionals are monitoring his condition around the clock. I am sure that over the past few years, new methods and procedures have been developed and tested that can help others. It would be great if his family shared how they deal with such a tragedy. Many in the world are in a similar situation. Perhaps they would be helped by the story of people who personally experienced this, ”Racefans quoted the functionary as saying.

The only person who provides information about Schumacher's condition is his close friend Jean Todt. The President of the International Automobile Federation regularly visits the home of the former pilot.

At the end of July, the functionary said that he had watched one of the stages of Formula 1 with Schumacher.

“I am always careful with such statements, but it’s true. I watched the race with Michael at his house in Switzerland. He does not give up and continues to fight. Of course, our friendship is not the same as before, if only because between us there is no previous communication. But he continues to fight, and his family is with him, "” Todt quotes The Mirror.

The data provided by the head of the FIA ​​partially confirmed the rumors that Schumacher was no longer bedridden and connected to life-support equipment, but still did not give an accurate understanding of the state of the rider and whether he could speak.

Fans of the legendary pilot hope that they will receive answers to all their questions at the end of this year, when a documentary about Schumacher will be released.

In December 2019, the company B / 14 Film will introduce him to the general public. The tape will include materials shot after the tragic incident, as well as details of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the race driver, which took place on January 3.

Source: russiart

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