It was in March that the female supporter dressed up as a man and arrested after being discovered.

While awaiting trial, the woman should have heard that she risks up to two years in prison - after which the woman set fire to herself outside the court house. She died in the suites of the campaign.

Her fate now awakens emotions around the world. Kosovare Asllani believes that it is at least "time to act for Fifa".

National teammate Nilla Fischer visited SVT's morning studio, where she reacted to the tragic event.

- It's tragically tragic. Terrible considering she just wanted to go to football, Fischer tells SVT.

Since the 1980s, women have been banned from attending sports events in Iran. On various occasions, these bans have been eased, and then returned to major restrictions.
Fischer is critical of Iran's laws.

- It is difficult to know how we can influence football in football. These are laws in Iran. This is not a sports team, but it is important that everyone around shows that sport is important and for everyone.

In Iran, too, there has been criticism of the law that women are not allowed to attend sporting events. Men's national team captain Masoud Soleimani Shojaei said "this thinking is rotten and disgusting".

Fischer agrees with the team's captain's statement.

- Good that people like this player get involved and show that this behavior is not ok.