Women's Professional Golf Association Shibuno presents ornaments on September 10 at 22:01

A souvenir from the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association was awarded to Hyoko Shibuno, who won the major overseas tournament for the first time in 42 years as a Japanese player at the British Opening of Golf held last month.

The commemorative gift ceremony was held in Kobe in the evening of October 10th, and Hiromi Kobayashi gave Shibuno a pearl necklace and earrings worth approximately 2.1 million yen.

Mr. Shibuno, who had a press conference, renewed his feelings, saying, “I won the championship and the environment has changed a lot, but I want to do my best so that I will not change.”

Shibuno currently has 28 consecutive rounds of no overparing in the domestic tour, and the longest record has been updated in the first round of the Japan Women's Professional Golf Championship from the 12th. “The current goal is this record. I want to keep a record. ”

The conference venue was a course that Shibuno passed last year's protest, and said that he wanted to win because it is a venue with a good image.

He also touched on an episode when he returned to Okayama Prefecture last month and said, “I spent a week slowly. I showed it.

And, “I felt that I was able to say“ I was really well ”when I came back to my hometown in the wake of the heavy rain last year and thinking about what I can do. I was talking. "