Rugby World Cup Opening Match Russia National Team visited Japan September 10 16:09

In the opening round of the Japan Rugby World Cup, which is close to 10 days until the opening, Russian representatives who will face the Japanese national team came to Japan on the 10th.

Rugby's Russian team is in the same group A as Japan in the first World Cup league, and will play against Japan at Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City on the 20th of this month when the tournament begins.

Forty-six Russian players and staff arrived at Narita Airport on the morning of the 10th, and smiled at those who gathered with Lin Jones Head Coach.

Narita Airport was affected by transportation disruption caused by Typhoon No. 15 on the 9th, and players who arrived to participate in the World Cup were temporarily stopped at the airport, but there was no major confusion on the 10th. Russian players will start on a dedicated bus to the campground and coordinate for the opening race with Japan.

On the 10th, Scotland of Group A, the same as Japan, also arrived at Haneda Airport, and each team is preparing for the World Cup performance one after another.

What is the Russian team

Russia was the second time to participate in the World Cup for the first time in two tournaments, and the first tournament in 2011 was defeated in the first league with four losses.

This World Cup European qualifier was 3rd, but the top Romania and Belgium were deducted from their points because they were not qualified for the national team.

After that, Mr. Richardlyn Jones, former Welsh representative, was invited to the head coach, and the organization has been strengthened rapidly.

At the center of the team is a veteran Yuriy Kushalinov who has over 100 matches played as a Russian national at the age of 34, and skillfully controls the match from a precise kick as a standoff for the command tower.

Japan's match result is 5 wins and 1 loss in Japan, but in last November's match, Japan won hard with 32 to 27, and suffered to the end with attacks and tackles that made use of physical strength. It was.

In this tournament, we will face Japan in the opening game on the 20th of this month.