In the spring, the cross country team did a good rocking among the leaders. Among other things, Rikard Grip left the job as national team manager. In came Jonas Peterson.

But after only four months on the job, he was forced to leave his job.

- I can only say from myself and it felt like we got new energy when Jonas came into the team, they are pretty much going to make me feel that this boost, so my confidence in Jonas has been strong and great yet from the start, says Charlotte Kalla when SVT Sport meets her at the national team camp in France.

- My confidence in Jonas has been great from the start island. He really is a leader who puts the team ahead of the self. He can and he will. He tried to influence. He is driven by development just like I am. That is why we have come together so well. I really like the ball that Jonas put in rolling this spring.

- I feel sorry that Jonas is no longer a national team manager.

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