The woman was a devoted supporter of an Iranian football team, but since women have been banned from entering sports arenas during male events since 1981, she chose to dress up as a man.

But the woman was discovered and arrested. The incident took place in March and the woman was detained for three days before being released on bail and had to wait six months for her trial, the BBC writes.

The trial would have taken place last week but was postponed. According to information, the woman then returned to the court house to retrieve her cellphone when she must have overheard a conversation where someone told her that she risked prison for up to two years. It must have been when she decided to set fire to herself outside the court house.

The national team stars criticize Fifa

Fifa had set a deadline until August 31, when Iran would have recently allowed women to watch male sports events in place. But according to the BBC, Iran has not yet met that requirement.

The woman is now receiving great support on social media, where, among other things, the Swedish national team stars Kosovare Asllani and Hedvig Lindahl criticize Fifa.

“Hi Fifa - it has long been time to do something for the women in Iran. This is not okay, ”Lindahl writes.

"Fifa - it's time to act," Asllani writes.