The Supreme Organizing Committee of the Emirates Cycling World held its first meeting to discuss preparations for the second edition of the race.

The second edition of the Emirates Tour will be held in February and will include seven stages in various cities in the country.

The meeting, which was held at the Dubai Sports Council, was chaired by Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, and attended by the Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Aref Al Awani, and the Secretary General of Sharjah Sports Council, Issa Hilal. Osama Al Shafar, Chairman of the UAE and Asian Cycling Federation, Assistant Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Nasser Aman Al Rahma, members of the Higher Committee, and representatives of the company that handles some of the logistical and regulatory aspects of the tour.

A statement issued by the organizing committee said that the meeting stressed the continuation of work to increase the status of tawaf, which has won a prestigious international status since its first edition, thanks to the support and welfare of the wise leadership that gave him all the support, as well as the efforts of sports councils and various government departments in all emirates. Which collaborated and worked in a team spirit to make the event a success named after the UAE, and convey to the whole world pictures of the splendor of this country and the development witnessed in all fields ».

The statement pointed out that «the circumnavigation routes, which will be attended by 18 global teams, and includes the elite of international riders specialized in different road races, as the circumnavigation includes stages of different and varied challenges between the streets of the inner cities and desert and mountainous areas».

The committee's statement noted that «the meeting was briefed on the work plans of committees and press conferences and promotional campaign for circumnavigation, which enjoys wide follow-up from inside and outside the State».

"The first edition was followed by millions from 200 countries around the world, broadcast by Eurosport to viewers in Europe, Asia and Oceania, as well as television reports broadcast by public news broadcasts, bringing the cumulative broadcasting hours to all countries to more than 2777 hours," the statement said. , As confirmed by the Organizing Committee ».

Invest the success of the first version

The meeting of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the Emirates International Cycling Tour stressed the necessity to capitalize on the success of the first edition of the tour which formed a model for joint action between the three sports councils, government and sports institutions in the UAE, police leaders and roads departments in various emirates of the UAE, and national media and educational institutions. It was also stressed to take into account the passage of the convoy of the largest number of cities and highlight the achievements of the civilization witnessed by the State through the passage of them, and broadcast images to millions of viewers around the world the best broadcasting techniques Zioni, which achieves the objectives of sports, tourism and promotional circulation, and contribute to the transfer of the culture of exercise in general sports and cycling to all members of society in various regions of the country ».


Watch broadcast to 200 countries around the world in the first edition of the tour.

The cruise includes various challenges and varies between the streets of inner cities, desert and mountain areas.