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The German group Volkswagen renews its most mythical van, Transporter , which in its passenger versions is called Multivan or Caravelle . This is a fundamentally technological update of the sixth generation, the T6, which was launched in 2018. The new version, the T6.1, opens electronic equipment and connectivity, as well as some aesthetic touch-ups on the front, with a larger grill , and a review of 2.0 turbo diesel engines that now comply with the Euro 6d TEMP-EVAP regulations .

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has chosen Amsterdam to unveil the renovation of its most mythical van in recognition of the city where the first generation of this model was designed, the T1, which was launched in 1949, 70 years ago. But in addition this renovation almost coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival (New York), it was celebrated on August 8, where the hippie movement became popular and the T1 became an official vehicle baptized as Bulli.

The new Bulli of the 21st century keeps from its ancestor a sober exterior design and a large practical interior and very well used, which now adds technological advances that improve its performance as a commercial vehicle (lower consumption and more versatility of cargo) and as a vehicle of passengers or minivan.

For the first time this model incorporates an electromechanical power steering with which it is possible to reduce consumption and that can incorporate different driving assistance systems that already include passenger cars, such as lane departure alert or automatic parking aid , but also other more useful in an industrial vehicle such as the assistant for towing maneuvers, a very useful system in a vehicle that has a towing capacity of 2.5 tons and that helps, especially, in reverse maneuvers.

To this is added the parking exit assistant that warns the driver when a reverse gear is in the presence of an obstacle and automatically stops if he does not react. In paneled vehicles it is an important help by not carrying a rear window.

Another novelty of the series is the side wind assistant that helps stabilize the vehicle in case of strong gusts, which is a priority safety element in tall vehicles that can also be very loaded . The T6.1 also releases adaptive cruise control with the DSG change and incorporates the stop & go function.

Inside, the news focuses on LED lighting and on the dashboard, especially in the instrument panel that is now fully digital, similar to that of Vokswagen cars, in addition to incorporating an 8-inch navigation screen that You can integrate all applications of a mobile phone. It also offers the possibility of Internet connection and voice communication.

Under the name Transporter the professional versions are grouped together with van versions, combi with separation wall, platform and chassis with single or double cab . This version incorporates some interesting novelties such as a drawer with lock under the passenger's double bench and lined with polyspan that allows fragile objects to be transported, a 230-volt plug in the driver's seat or charged under the passenger's seat , which increases the length loading at 2.8 meters or up to 3.3 meters in versions with long battle.

All versions measure 1.9 meters wide and 1.99 high but the length varies in the versions with standard (three meters) and long (3.4 meters) battle that are only available in the Transporter and Caravelle versions . The latter is intended for the transport of people and asks to configure up to nine seats. The Multivan is the version conceived as a minivan with a family vocation or for a more playful use. In addition on this Volkswagen a camper is made, California that will reach the market next year on this new generation.

Mechanical range

The range consists of 2.0 TDI thrusters with common rail and more powerful than those of the previous family. The range includes thrusters of 90, 110, 150 and 199 horses, which are combined with two-speed manual gearboxes the two less powerful and six those of 150 and 199 horses . The latter can also opt for integral traction and DSG automatic transmission with double clutch and seven gears , which I thought was excellent, although we always travel on Dutch roads and, therefore, very flat. To follow the emission control use AdBlue additive. The 13-liter tank gives it an autonomy of about 5,500 km. It also incorporates particle filter.

The equipment and prices of the versions that will reach the Spanish market will not be defined until the next few weeks and the vehicles will not reach the market until the end of the year. Nor have prices yet been defined for the Spanish market but they will be slightly higher than the current ones. As an indicator can serve those that have already been revealed for the German market where the price range starts at 22,950 euros the Transporter and 31,000 the Multivan.

In Spain traditionally only 25% of the buyers of this model are professionals , the rest are private and also include carriage units such as camper. This percentage is inverse in countries of central Europe, such as Germany or Holland, where most buyers are professionals.

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