Experts and athletes have identified five caveats for the national team ahead of today's match against Malaysia, scheduled at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, for Group G in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023, pointing out that these caveats are “The Malaysian team will be fierce when they play at home and among their fans, besides that they play this game, echoing their recent victory over Indonesia 3-2 at the beginning of their qualifying campaign, in addition to the importance of respecting the opponent and not underestimate him, and anticipation of how to deal with the The stadium on which they will play the game, which they described as bad, as well as anticipation of how to deal with the weather in Malaysia, being characterized by the current rainy weather », stressing that« although the team will play the game with young elements up to 70%, but White is able to resolve the meeting in his favor And return the three points if he can overcome the difficulties he will face during the game ».

"The team's mission in this match will not be easy, so they must increase the attacking efficiency in a balanced manner and not at the expense of the defensive side, so as not to be exploited by the Malaysian team," they told Emirates Today.

The former national team coach, Dr. Abdullah Mesfer that the white task will not be easy against Malaysia, especially as the latter plays at home and the center of his audience, pointing out that «the team is required to exploit opportunities and turn them into goals through constant pressure on the Malaysian team in order to come up with a good result He will help him in the upcoming qualifiers, saying that the Dutch coach Marvik has come a long way in recognizing the potential of his players during the periods of the last external camp, whether in Austria or Bahrain, as well as his current camp in Malaysia before the expected confrontation today ».

Mesfer said: «Although the team is the best and most experienced, and has excellent technical potential and includes a selection of good elements of players compared to rival Malaysia, but caution is required in such opening games in anticipation of any surprises may occur», stressing the importance of activating the side Attacking the team by taking advantage of the high technical potential of the line of attack, especially Ali Mabkhout.

The former Al Wasl coach and assistant coach of the national team, Hassan Al Abdouli, that «the game is very difficult, the fact that the team is playing away from home, as well as that the Malaysian team beat Indonesia 3-2 in the first match in these qualifiers, giving him a great moral motivation in Face White ».

Al-Abdouli predicted that the best way to play during the match will be 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, noting that he also expects striker Ali Mabkhout to be the deciding factor in determining the outcome of the game for the national team.

"I fear for the team of physical weakness. Although the team played two friendly matches against the teams of Dominican and Sri Lanka, the players did not enter the atmosphere of the official games."

Abdouli pointed out that the absence of striker Ahmed Khalil from the game will undoubtedly affect the team at the beginning of his career in these qualifiers.

For his part, former youth coach Ali Ibrahim stressed the importance of this game for the team, as it represents the beginning of the crossing to the 2022 World Cup, saying that winning and winning three points gives players a great moral motivation to continue the competition, describing the game as not easy, demanding "The East Asian teams, including Malaysia, have evolved a lot and are no longer the same as before," he said.

"The players must bear in mind the importance of returning with a positive result that will help them in the coming matches in order to avoid entering into any complicated calculations that may face White in the qualifying campaign."

For his part, the former football team manager at Al-Nasr Khalid Obaid, that the team's game against Malaysia at the beginning of his qualifying campaign, after his friendly matches against the teams of Dominican and Indonesia is a positive factor, after the team coach Marvik on the readiness of all elements of all aspects, He pointed out that despite the absence of striker Ahmed Khalil for special circumstances, and Khalfan Mubarak due to injury, but the ranks of the team is relatively complete, especially in the presence of experienced players can make a difference, such as Omar Abdulrahman and Ali Mabkhout. "Although Malaysia is less technically than our national team, we have to deal with the game with the required seriousness and not underestimate the competitor," said Khaled Obeid. He hoped that coach Marvik would be successful in choosing the appropriate squad to play today.

The 5 caveats

1- The Malaysian team will be fierce at home and among its fans.

2 - The opponent is in this match, ecstatic by his recent victory over Indonesia.

3 - not to underestimate the competitor and underestimate.

4 - anticipation of how to deal with the bad pitch.

5 - Dealing with the changing weather in Malaysia, as it is currently characterized by a rainy atmosphere.