The Swedish club Tacon, which will be Real Madrid next year, had a hard time with the Norwegian star. She basically did what she wanted from her right side and was both behind the goal and put a ball there.

- I'm just very happy. We go out here and win the match and to experience such an atmosphere ... It was very, very fun to make his debut here today, says the 24-year-old who was recruited from Wolfsburg.

Celebrates the Swedes: "Two very good players and world stars"

And despite the 9-1 victory, she defended the Swedish stars in the mixed zone.

- They have got two very good players and world stars in Asllani and Jakobsson but I think they need some help, she tells SVT Sport.

Do you think they are ready to challenge you next year when they are called Real Madrid?

- I absolutely think so. Real Madrid doesn't just start teams to start teams. They do it to win. It will spur us as a club as well. When Real Madrid invests money, Barcelona will make every effort to remain in the driver's seat, says the right-center fielder.

"In time, Real Madrid will be the team to beat"

But this particular season, Tacon has nothing to do with the gold battle. It is Atletico Madrid who are the reigning champions in the league and the threat.

- Sporting is the Atletico rival right now. But with time and with El Clasico as name, Real Madrid will definitely be the team to beat, says Graham Hansen.