September 8, 16:01, a series of traffic accidents by professional players at DeNA

Since there have been a series of traffic accidents by professional athletes in professional baseball and DeNA this month, the team believes that they will make thorough efforts for safe driving of athletes.

According to the team, 26 years old in the 8th year, Masashi Kuwahara, when he returned his car at the convenience store parking lot in Kawasaki City at around 9:00 am on the 8th, he collided with the car behind him.
No one was injured in this accident.

Kuwabara achieved a cycle hit in July last year and was awarded the Golden Grab Award given to a well-defensive player.

In DeNA, Shoichi Ino, who has won three seasons this year at the age of 33 in the seventh year on the 6th, crashed into a car that stopped behind when he changed direction on the road in Yokohama. I woke up. There were no injuries.

The team commented, “We would like to deeply apologize to the various places that caused inconvenience, and we will continue to work to prevent future recurrence and thoroughly implement safe driving education.”