Angels Otani No. 17 home run, the highest number of hits, 5 points, September 8, 13:53

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani, who was appointed as No. 4 for the first time this season in the White Sox match on the 7th, scored five points, which was the most in the Major League, including his 17th run.

Otani marked multiple hits for the first time in 12 matches in the previous day's game, and for the first time this season in the White Sox match at the opponent's home base, Chicago, was appointed as the 4th and designated hitter .

Otani played against the starting right pitcher and hit the first line at 1st and 2nd baseball with a curve to the first course of the first ball, hitting the left line with a timely two-point hit.

In addition, the second bat at the third round was greeted with no-out first and third baseball, and the second fastest ball was caught and the three-run home run that was No. 17 this season was left.

Otani's home run has been since 18th last month.

In addition, the third bat of the fourth round hit the curve in the match with the second right pitcher and hit the light, and decided the 12th steal this season.

Otani gave pitcher liners for the 4th batter in the 6th round, and striked out for the 5th batter in the 8th, and gave 5 hits, the most in the major leagues, with 3 hits in this game.

The batting average increased to 20%, 3 minutes, 3 minutes.

This is the first time that a major Japanese player has succeeded in stealing with five runs in the same game.

The game was won by Angels 8-7 and won the White Sox for two consecutive wins.

Otani "Take one bat at a time"

Angels Shohei Otani, who played an active part with 3 hits and 5 RBIs, including No. 17 home run as the 4th batter for the first time of the season, said, “We were able to carry out the game in a good shape from one time. I thought that it would be nice to change the runner without any problems, so I think that I was able to swing the best in the best shape.In the second half of the regular season, there was not quite a good place, so I could get back somehow 1 I want to take care of my bats. "