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“Habib does everything to raise his hand in the octagon”: what in the MMA world they talked about Nurmagomedov’s victory over Porie


The title fight for the UFC lightweight champion title between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Porrier could have ended differently if it had not been for the American’s mistake in the third round. This was stated by ex-MMA fighter Oleg Taktarov. He noted that both rivals adhered to the correct tactics, however, the temporary holder of the belt did not calculate strength in the execution of a choking technique. Former ONE Championship and Bellator champion Ben Askren praised the Russian for his tenacity, and the head of the Fight Night Global promotion company Kamil Hajiyev urged not to compare Nurmagomedov with Fedor Emelianenko.

“Did everything necessary for victory”

MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov for the second time in his career defended the title of champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) in lightweight, having won an early victory over American Dustin Porrier. Even on the eve of the fight, the Russian was considered an indisputable favorite, in connection with which many experts called this result expected.

So, according to MMA fighter Eduard Vartanyan, as expected, Nurmagomedov dominated the octagon throughout the meeting and won a well-deserved victory.

“Did Porrier have a chance?” It just seemed. When he went to the guillotine, he did not close his legs, through this Khabib left. In addition, in the third round the hands are already slippery, clogged. Yes, there were blows in the second round, Porrier got there, but it’s fights, it happens, ”Vartanyan quotes“ Championship ”.

Russian Magomed Ismailov especially emphasized the tactics of Nrmagomedov, which brought him success in the fight with Porje, and also noted the spectacularity of each of his confrontations.

“To be honest, there were moments where I was worried. For example, when he entered into exchange. But I clearly understand what advantages he gets out of this. According to Habib, it’s hard to get in, and before this fight he entered into an exchange, it was with Michael Johnson. I did not see that someone shocked him. Yes, he missed, but he goes further - it means he didn’t miss as well as he seems. He has very bright fights, look at a duel with Barbosa or Johnson. As for the meeting with Porrier, Nurmagomedov did everything necessary for victory. For me, his every fight is emotional, ”Sport24 quotes Ismailova.

Former ACB bantamweight champion Peter Jan congratulated Nurmagomedov on the successful defense of the title.

“It just didn’t seem to me that Khabib felt sorry for Dustin at the beginning of the fight, Porrier still had a lot of strength to defend himself. Porrier is a dangerous rival, it was a good fight. I won’t say that I’m a fan of Nurmagomedov, but we watched the match with pleasure, he won and proved his worth, ”Yang said.

Admiration for Nurmagomedov was expressed by the representative of the middle weight category Derek Brunson.

“Many have tried, no one has succeeded. Watching Habib’s battles is unbelievable. Calmness, control, the ability to break the character of an opponent - watching this is very exciting, ”the American wrote on Twitter.

At the same time, some experts paid tribute to Porrier. So, ex-Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko noted that several times the American managed to put his opponent in a difficult position.

“The fight is excellent, I enjoyed it. I expected a little different, I expected that it would reach the fourth - fifth round. Porje put a lot on this asphyxiation, which came out in the third round. Although in the beginning Habib tried to do the same, Dustin defended himself well. If you return to his reception, then Nurmagomedov was very difficult. I first saw him in such a difficult situation in the fight. He was taken very tightly. But Dustin did not succeed, despite the fact that he spent a lot of energy at this moment, ”Shlemenko shared his impressions of the battle.

Ex-MMA fighter Oleg Taktarov suggested that the fight could have ended differently if Porye had not made a mistake by completing a strangulation in the third round. According to him, both rivals successfully adhered to their tactics, but Nurmagomedov managed to break the resistance of the American.

"I like it. It was not like Conor McGregor, where everything became clear right away. The Irish has neither a knockout punch nor a stall - nothing original. And Porrier tried to exhaust, to find his hands down, the opportunity to knock out in the late round. The loss was very close. If it weren’t for Dustin’s mistake, to go on asphyxiating with all the proletarian hatred and give all his strength ... You can strangle a drunkard on the street, but not in the octagon. He made three attempts and gave all his strength. Well, then this wacky habit of snuggling up to the net. Nevertheless, the bell rang for Habib. It is not known what would have happened if this had happened in the fourth or fifth round, ”Taktarov summarized.

Kamil Gadzhiev, the head of the Fight Night Global promotion organization, also praised Porie for managing to hold out until the third round.

“A very interesting and dramatic fight. It could end in the first round. It is good that this did not happen and the viewer was able to enjoy the sight. Porrier is a great fellow. He tried to oppose something to Habib, and there was even an attempt to strangle him. The American prepared for the fight, and it was visible. There was drama, there was intrigue and, of course, the victory of the Eagle, ”RBC Sport quotes the promoter.

The current victory was the 28th in the career of Nurmagomedov. In this indicator, he surpassed Fedor Emelianenko, whose unbeaten run was 27 triumphs, and became the most successful Russian MMA fighter. At the same time, Hajiyev stressed that it is not worth comparing these two athletes.

“I will not say now who is better and who is greater. Definitely both great. Khabib not only after this fight, but also previously entered his name as the UFC champion. And this name weighs no less than the name of Fedor, ”the head of Fight Night Global added.

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"Became the greatest after the fight with McGregor"

An early victory over Porye made us think again about which of the representatives of the light weight category would be able to compete with Nurmagomedov. Former UFC interim champion Tony Ferguson is called his next rival, and some experts are inclined to believe that this fight will show the true strength of the current belt owner.

“Who can defeat Habib? Everyone knows him, this is Tony Ferguson. This is the only person after whom Khabib can be recognized as the undisputed champion, ”said Vartanyan.

The hope that Nurmagomedov’s next rival will be American, was expressed by his former champion ONE Championship and Bellator welterweight Ben Askren.

“Nurmagomedov made Porrier surrender! The beast. Now I'm waiting for the battle Habib - Ferguson. The sooner he passes, the better, ”Askren wrote on Twitter.

At the same time, Magomed Ismailov suggested that Ferguson is unlikely to be able to rob the Russian title of champion.

“Is it realistic to defeat Habib? Nothing is impossible, he just does everything to raise his hand in the octagon, he takes fighting very seriously. Nurmagomedov fights best of all, there is no one who so wields the struggle, plus 99% of work, as well as discipline, is added to talent. To win, you need to exceed it ten times and be in shock technique three heads higher, and then you need a functional to endure pressure. Those people who are on the horizon, for me, are not able to go through Habib, Ferguson also does not see those reserves to do this, ”said Ismailov.

A similar position was expressed by UFC fighter Ramazan Emeev.

“Porje turned out to be a serious contender. Could have won both from the stand and in the stalls - there were choking. But Habib is a giant. He showed his character and just smashed it. Is there a fighter capable of defeating him? I think no. He will win against Ferguson, and everyone else. Truly a champion, ”said the athlete.

In turn, the president of M-1 Global, Vadim Finkelstein, said that Nurmagomedov showed his greatness after the first defense of the title.

“Nurmagomedov - well done, no words. He proved that he is the best. And no one is cooler than him. I don’t see at the moment who can defeat him. Ferguson is unlikely. Habib became the greatest after the fight with McGregor. Now he is proving this, ”said Finkelstein.

Russian mixed martial artist Alexander Emelianenko noted that after the second defense of the title, Nurmagomedov will be attracted even more attention from his colleagues. In this regard, he needs to work on his weaknesses.

“Its lagging part is the percussion technique. Against Nurmagomedov, drummers will now come out. They will try to endure the battle, learn to at least somehow defend themselves and try to beat him in the rack, using his weaker sides. As a wrestler, Habib is very good, impeccable. He controls the fight, peers at the opponent, but now he needs to pull it up, especially if he is going to box with Floyd Mayweather, ”Emelianenko said on his Instagram page.

Many experts and fans expect Nurmagomedov’s revenge with Conor McGregor. The Irishman himself expressed his readiness to come to Moscow to take part in this fight, and his sparring partner Dillon Denis said that the Russian will have little chance of winning.

“Remember my words. McGregor will win a rematch, ”wrote Denise.

However, according to MMA fighter Jeff Monson, at the moment, it will be difficult for Nurmagomedov to find an equal opponent.

“It was a very good fight for Habib. Porje is a tough fighter, but Nurmagomedov dominated throughout the fight. If he continues to fight as he did today, no one will defeat him, ”Monson is sure.

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