Para-Badminton International Convention Satomi Enthusiasm September 6 19:18

Rina Satomi, who won the gold medal at the World Championship last month, attended a press conference before the new official competition of Tokyo Paralympic Games next year, Parabadminton's international tournament was held in Tokyo in November. I want to have more enjoyable results, ”he said.

The international tournament held in Tokyo in November will be held at Yoyogi National Stadium, the same as the Paralympic Games next year.

Competitors such as Chinese competitors are also expected to participate in the tournament, and it will be a valuable opportunity for players to test their power in anticipation of the actual performance of less than one year.

The press conference held in Minato-ku, Tokyo on 6th includes women ’s singles from last month's world championship, Satomi who won a gold medal in the wheelchair class, and Ayako Suzuki, a silver medal in a class with a disability. I attended.

Satomi said, “I was able to win the world championship and was confident that I could aim for a gold medal at the Paralympic Games. I want to check the ease of moving the wheelchair because it is the same venue as the production. "I want to do it."

Also, Suzuki said, “I want to fight with a strong feeling that I will win the medal.” This international convention will be held from November 13th to 17th.