A couple of weeks ago Kristian Karlsson injured his leg in his first match of the season, and the European Championship in French Nantes looked to be running.

- I was very scared. I thought it would take a very long time, and had no thoughts on the European Championships, he told SVT Sport last week.

But the recovery went unexpectedly fast, and today he was back in the Swedish team lineup when he was allowed to play in place of super talent Truls Möregårdh, who played in yesterday's victory match against Hungary.

Turned 0–2

And then it became a success right away. After an impressive turn from 0–2 in set to 3–2 against Romanian Cristian Pletea, he secured Sweden’s victory with 3–0 - and the quarterfinals were finished.

And well there, in the quarterfinals, there may be more to pick up.

- Both Kristian and Mattias (World Cup silver medalist Falck, who won a tough five-set against Rares Sipos) have more to give, and have a bigger game in themselves, but they do what they should and win their matches. Strong, I must say, says SVT Sports expert David Gustafsson.

Which team Sweden is facing in the quarterfinals is not yet clear.


Falck clashes with Romanian in hot duel