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Mercedes Lewis Hamilton , the leader of the Formula 1 World Cup, has talked about his future in the previous Italian Grand Prix, where fans "ask" him to go to Ferrari and has declared that in 2021, when his current contract, will study "the different options".

"I still have more than a year and a half of hiring . It's strange because we have recently signed the previous one, but in the next few months I will study the different options, " said the five-time F1 world champion.

"I'm lucky to have a lot of Italian fans. Maybe it's because they like fashion and my clothes. 90 percent of the people here are Ferrari fans ; and many fans ask me to go to Ferrari . It's good because it gives me the feeling that more and more people support me, "he said.

Hamilton did not want to enter to value this possibility and insisted on his career linked to Mercedes: "I do not know if it is something that has to tempt you (drive for Ferrari). When you are part of Mercedes, you are part of a family for your whole life Like Stirling Moss or Juan Manuel Fangio ... you are part of their history and they take care of you forever. Loyalty is something very important to me. "

The British, five times winner of the Italian Grand Prix, has the opportunity this weekend to beat Michael Schumacher, seven times F1 world champion - with whom he shares that record -, as the driver with the most victories in Monza; although he assures that it is not something that he has in his head

" I hadn't thought about it; I don't particularly care . No problem if it doesn't happen. The race will be very tough. Last weekend Ferrari was extremely fast and we expect the same thing here. Time can play its part too. Sometimes we predict that we will be behind and then we are ahead. We will see it tomorrow. "

Hamilton also spoke of the young Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), 21, who won his first victory last Sunday in Belgium: "I don't think it's harder to win again, especially with two races in a row. Especially in circuits so similar. You can achieve your second this weekend, but I will do my best to prevent it, "he said.

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