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Blanca Fernández Ochoa had leftover pills in her stomach, specifically some tablets commercially called Sinogan , as revealed by the autopsy performed on the body of the former skier and has been able to know THE WORLD from police sources. Doctors have collected evidence of those remains of medicines to send to the Toxicological Institute of Madrid. There you can know exactly on the one hand the dose you took and on the other the effect that said dose could have on the organism of Madrid.

In addition, the heart of the Olympic medalist has been sent to the Pathological Anatomy laboratory , where its analysis can determine first, if Blanca Fernández Ochoa suffered a heart attack and, second, if that heart attack was a consequence of the consumption of those pills found in her body or it came from some other pathology, yet to be determined.

At the moment, the researchers are inclined to hypothesize that Blanca had suffered an overdose of pills, but it will be necessary to wait several days, or even weeks, to be able to confirm that end. Specifically, until the relevant analyzes are carried out. It should be added that the athlete's family already explained to the Police, when the search began in the Sierra de Madrid, that Blanca had left home with all her medication.

However, at that time, family members failed to remember what medicines it was, so they had to locate their doctor to describe to the researchers the medications they had prescribed. Sinogan, one of whose characteristics is that it has sedative effects, can be lethal taken in large quantities. What has been taxally ruled out in the first phase of the autopsy , as sources of the research have confirmed to this newspaper, is that Blanca Fernández Ochoa's body has bumps, bruises or bruises. In the external analysis no signs of violence were found. In addition, the body was examined in the X-ray apparatus of the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Madrid, where the autopsy was performed.

7 to 9 days dead

That radiological examination that is usually applied in all autopsies revealed that Blanca Fernández Ochoa did not present any knife wound, no blow to the head or limbs or fractures, which confirms that the 56-year-old woman did not He suffered any kind of fall . In this way, he asserts the indications that led agents on Wednesday to think that his death could not be accidental, or at least due to precipitation. On the other hand, forensics who analyzed the body estimate that the woman could have been dead for seven to nine days, as this newspaper already reported.

Remember that the body was found on Wednesday in La Peñota , about 20 meters from a very popular road, in a position that does not suggest that it was an accident at all, according to the researchers. He was already very decomposed at the time of his location by the sergeant of the Civil Guard Francisco Borreguero , who was out of service walking around the mountain with his dog, Xena , a German shepherd of three years.

Next to the body was all the medication he had prescribed and, as his brothers had told him, he had taken home. Among the medications found were open and empty pill cases, although not all of them carried the skier. Others were still unopened. Also near the body, during the eye inspection, an empty wine bottle was found, although it is unknown if it belonged to the deceased , because it was not among the products he bought in the supermarket on August 24 in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Those images of her buying are the last before her trail was lost. Then, on Saturday night, the disappearance was made public and his car was found, on Sunday, parked in a parking lot in Cercedilla where many hikers leave their vehicles.

Candlestick in Cercedilla

It must be remembered that the car was also inspected and no sign of violence or struggle was found that made it presuppose something contrary to the «voluntary disappearance», the hypothesis that the National Police handled from the first moment . If authorized by the judicial instructor, and the agents of the Scientific Police and Judicial Police consider that no additional tests are necessary, the incineration could be carried out this Friday in Pozuelo de Alarcón. At least that is what the family requested at the Forensic Anatomical Institute, where the procedures are usually carried out and where several relatives of Blanca attended in the middle of the morning. They also requested that the wake be held in Cercedilla, the town of the mountains where the athlete was raised. Although what is expected is that the incineration be done on the weekend.

Early in the morning DNA tests were ordered that should finish confirming the identity of the body, but it was not necessary. The reason is that one of her sisters had recognized her, another of the usual procedures that are carried out in this type of case.

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