The Prosecutor's Office of Madrid asks for sentences ranging from nine months to two and a half years in jail for the 82 people who will go to trial for their participation in the fight he faced on November 30, 2014 to fans of Riazor Blues and the Front Atlético , leading to the death of Francisco Javier Romero , known as 'Jimmy', have informed legal sources.

The penalties are included in the order to open an oral trial issued by the judge of Instruction number 20 of Madrid, in which it is agreed to sit on the bench 82 people accused of a crime of tumultuarial quarrel , illegal possession of weapons and attempted to Authority with a crime of injury.

According to the prosecutor, the defendants belonged to the Athletic Front and the Riazor Blues. The prosecutor asks for the crime of tumultuarial quarrel, with the aggravating ideological discrimination , sentences of between one year and nine months in jail. This crime is charged to all defendants.

It also claims four of them a year and a half for illegal possession of weapons. He also asks another two years and 10 months in jail for a crime of injury and attack.

The prosecutor reports that the defendants agreed on social networks to go at 09.00 around the Vicente Calderón stadium with the "only motivation to demonstrate to the other group the primacy of their team and the ideology with which they identify" .

Some of them carried "prohibited weapons and dangerous instruments such as wooden sticks, aluminum sticks, batons, baseball bats, razors, carabiners , extensible defenses." As a result of the brawl, several were injured and one of them, Jimmy, died.

On the other hand, the National Professional Football League asks the defendants up to three and a half years in jail and fines of up to 117,000 euros , as recorded in the order to open an oral trial.

The investigation broke away from the piece investigating Jimmy's death, which was filed without anyone having come to trial. The next step will be for a criminal court to signal the holding of the oral hearing since the penalty does not exceed five years in jail.

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