In Sweden, the debate about compensation for the ladies is still infected. So infected that the Swedish Football Association has been notified to the Discrimination Ombudsman, DO.

In Denmark, the crisis for the women's team has been deep, with, among other things, player strikes and the inability to bring players into the national team due to lack of finances.

But in another Scandinavian country, this story has now had a more positive result. On social media, several Finnish women's national team players write that they have signed a new contract with the Finnish Ball Association, which is identical to the men's players. That after being promised gender equality a year ago.

- Have a nice day. I feel proud to be a Finnish football player. In addition to common dreams and goals, we now also share a similar player contract with the men's team, writes, among others, Paris professional Linda Sällström on social media.

The long story of national team compensation for Finland's men and women has come to an end. The Ball Association also confirmed the news.

- It's a way for us to invest in women's soccer. We want to play a role in building a more equitable society, ”says Ari Lahti, chairman of the Ball Association, in a press release.